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Connecting Brains

Project Networks

We combine knowledge and bring competences from different research fields together in our project network structure.

Networking is the buzzword when it comes to pur research projects. Since the second funding phase (2012 to 2017), we have been linking knowledge and bringing together competencies from different research fields in our project networks. They are both the thematic and structural drivers of our work, as they motivate the formation of research groups beyond the research fields.


In the quest to understand how materials react under extreme conditions, we model specific materials and their behaviour so we can describe their characteristics or design desirable functionality into them.

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From hardware design to large-scale simulations of chemical and biological systems – the spectrum of research objectives in project network 2 is both extensive and interdisciplinary.

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The world is organised in complex systems. We aim to reduce their complexity and to optimise their control. For this purpose, we simplify models and design communication infrastructures.

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Using tools from systems biology and biomechanical simulations, we are developing a prototypical model of the human body to help improve health through a better understanding of the human body in all its complexity.

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We are improving simulation of flow and transport processes in order to solve complex problems in technology and nature and to give reliable prognoses.

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Simulations cannot do without computer science. Thus it can have great advantages to automate simulation processes with the help of suitable software tools.

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