Gaining your doctoral degree with SimTech

All regulations are based on the Doctoral Degree Regulations of the University of Stuttgart.

For further details please have a look at the guidelines of your faculty as well as at the guidelines for Conducting Doctoral Research at the SC SimTech (and if necessary at the guidelines for writing cumulative publication).

The prerequisite for doing a PhD is always a corresponding degree. If you have a foreign degree, it will be checked when you submit your documents ‐ this may take some time. If your field of study does not include the disciplines related to the topic of your dissertation, additional seminars etc. may be imposed on you which you must fulfill within a certain period of time.

If you do your PhD at SC SimTech, your (main) supervisor must be member of SC SimTech and you usually do your PhD together with another faculty.

A doctoral agreement must be concluded with your supervisor. In this agreement, you agree on certain rules during the doctoral process, e.g. on the work and time schedule (which also includes the individual qualification program stipulated in the doctoral degree regulations, which must include at least 9 credit points).

Upon conclusion of the doctoral agreement, you are obliged to register via the CAMPUS Management System of the University of Stuttgart.

More detailed instructions can be found at GRADUS.

The doctoral agreement should take into account the qualification program specified by the GS SimTech (in total at least 9 ECTS):

  • subject‐specific courses (at least 6 credit points)
  • at least one course in the field of key qualifications (e.g. from the GRADUS program)
  • at least three offers from GS SimTech

When applying for acceptance as a doctoral student, please indicate "SC SimTech" in addition to your faculty ‐ this means that you will be doing your PhD at both your faculty and SimTech. Please also note that your faculty may have specific regulations on certain topics!

In addition to being accepted as a PhD student you should also apply for admission to the GS SimTech. For this purpose, please fill in the application for admission to the GS SimTech, in which you acknowledge the additional rules of the GS SimTech.

When applying for admission at the GS SimTech, you should also indicate a co‐advisor ‐ this means another SimTech advisor who will assist you during the PhD and especially during the milestone presentation.

Please find the offers by the GS SimTech for your qualification program here: seminars

Besides the qualification program of your doctoral agreement, a Milestone Presentation after about 18 months is a requirement by the GS SimTech. By the time of the Milestone Presentation you should have completed (most of) your qualification program and also taken up one or two offers from GS SimTech.

Please register your Milestone Presentation at the GS coordination, so we can invite SimTech members to your presentation. To enable your supervisors to prepare for your presentation, you should write a 10‐page report about 2 weeks in advance (please also send it to the GS coordination).

The Milestone Presentation consists of a half‐hour presentation as well as an "examination discussion" with your supervisors ‐ a protocol will be kept.

In principle, a cumulative dissertation is possible at SC SimTech. Please have a look at the special guidelines.

In the case of doctoral theses taken together with a faculty, the faculty's rules on the submission of the thesis and admission to the exam apply (please check ‐ there are quite different procedures in place here, as to when you have to submit what to whom)!

In principle, one printed copy of your thesis must be submitted for each reviewer as well as for the Dean's Office of your faculty. In addition please hand in one copy for SimTech), an electronic version of your thesis, the confirmation of the compliance with the SimTech rules and a list of publications.

Please note on the front page as well as the faculty`s name that you are submitting at SC SimTech!

Usually you coordinate your examination date with your main and co‐reporters and inform your dean's office about the date. You will also have to take care of the room yourself. Please also inform the coordination of the GS SimTech about your examination date.

The examination follows a 30‐45 minute public talk (mandatory at SimTech).

If you are doing your PhD without the participation of a faculty, then a "Rigorosum", i.e. a general subject examination on a core area of SimTech, is part of your oral examination.

After you have incorporated any changes into your dissertation and it has been approved for printing by your main reviewer, you can publish your thesis.

You can find all details about the types and requirements of publication at the university library.

After submitting the deposit copies, the thesis has to be approved by your main examiner and the dean's office/SimTech. Afterwards it will be published and your certificate will also be approved for handover.

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