Gender & Diversity

Gender & Diversity in the Cluster of Excellence

We are convinced that a sustainable and consistent strategy for equal opportunity and diversity is indispensable for the cluster to realize its full potential. Our strategy is tightly coupled with our educational concepts for scientists on all stages in their academic career. Our equal opportunity and diversity measures are integrated into quality assurance procedures such as continuous monitoring. In SimTech, we particularly focus on active recruiting strategies and promoting work-life balance, where we have been highly successful in the past.

Our Cluster-specific actvities include interpersonal and social skill courses, extended childcare during events and conferences, and awareness raising by making equal opportunity and diversity a dedicated topic in our study program and at the annual status seminars.

We will complement University-wide measures and set the stage for new quality standards that foster equal opportunity and diversity manner. We will further increase the percentage of female scientists and will actively participate in and promote existing structures, such as the various mentoring programs coordinated by the Equal Opportunity Office and the Graduate Academy (GRADUS).

The University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart is strongly committed to equal opportunity to promote an inclusive culture that values diversity, which we consider as prerequisite for a successful academic institution. The University also regards the diversity of its members and employees as a source of strength and as a guarantee of innovative ideas. It recognizes that excellent science is fostered by open-mindedness and by encouraging multiple perspectives. In 2017, the University signed the German Charter of Diversity, obligating it to implement the Charter's guidelines within the University's organizational structure. The University has implemented measures to support diversity by gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion or worldview, social background, age. disability, and sexual preference and identity.

Diversity Concept of the University of Stuttgart (German)

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Michael Sedlmair

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