Past Projects

EuroBENCH FSTP1 - BENCH (2018-2021)

A Biomechanical tEsting platform for of sit to staNd assessment with an instrumented Chair (BENCH)

Sit-to-stand (STS) is an important task for assessing dynamic balance and lower limb coordination and has been shown to have a significant clinical relevance. As a result, STS is important also for assessing the performance of wearable lower-limb exoskeletons for assistance and humanoid robots that imitate human movements. BENCH aims at developing one integrated system for the assessment and benchmarking of the sit-to-stand gesture in intact and impaired individuals, in human/exoskeleton systems and in humanoid robots. The proposal aims at developing an instrumented testbed, as well as a set of software routines for the extraction of meaningful neuro-mechanical indicators, together with an initial database of human subjects in different scenarios.

For a complete description, please visit the project website at IMSB (by Sina Schondorfer):

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