Experimental High Performance Compute Lab ehlers

The compute lab is named in honor of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Ehlers, the first director of SC SimTech and the spokesperson of the former Cluster of Excellence EXC 310.

The ehlers consists of an HPC cluster comprising twelve CPU nodes (each with 128 AMD EPYC 7702 cores), four GPU nodes (each with 64 AMD EPYC 7543 CPU cores and 4 NVIDIA A100 GPUs), a single NVIDIA DGX, and miscellaneous administrative and file servers with a total of around 700TB available storage space.

See the internal pages (https://wisman.izus.uni-stuttgart.de/x/xQTkFg) for more details and access regulations.

This image shows Malte Brunn

Malte Brunn


Cluster Computing Systems Expert

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