Previous Talks

SimTech Colloquium

Winter term 2019/2020

5 February 2020 Massively Parallel & Low Precision Accelerator Hardware as Trends in HPC - How to use it for large scale simulations allowing high computational, numerical and energy efficiency with application to CFD Prof. Dr. Stefan Turek
8 January 2020 Evolving Interfaces in Porous Media Jun.-Prof. Ph.D. Carina Bringedal
4 December 2019 High-accuracy finite-temperature first principles calculations accelerated by machine learning potentials Prof. Blazej Grabowski
27 November 2019 Bio-inspired Small-Scale Soft Robots Prof. Metin Sitti

Summer term 2019

10 July 2019 Let's go high-dimensional! Prof. Dirk Pflüger
19 June 2019 Learning to control redundant musculoskeletal systems - arm and leg robot and computer simulation Prof. Syn Schmitt
5 June 2019 Everyday Gaze Sensing and Analysis for Cognitive User Interfaces Prof. Andreas Bulling

Winter term 2018/2019

13 February 2019 Micro-Macro Models for Reactive Flow and Transport Problems in Complex Media Prof. Peter Knabner
30 January 2019 Mixed-dimensional modeling and simulation Prof. Jan Martin Nordbotten
28 November 2018 A finite-difference/finite-element framework for fluid-structure interaction using an immersed boundary method with variational transfer Prof. Dominik Obrist
24 Ocotber 2018 Smart Sensors as Multiphysics Problems - Why Modeling and Simulations are Crucial for Successful In-Situ Measurements Prof. Jens Anders
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