Towards the integration of publication, code and data

SimTech Data and Software Management

Data-integrated simulation science relies heavily on a successful data and software management. SimTech researchers can build upon their proven outstanding expertise in research software development and a strong foundation laid out by the University of Stuttgart.

Research Data Management

A high-quality research data management is of utmost importance in data-integrated simulation science. SimTech supports researchers during the whole life cycle of a research datum by uniformly and appropriately implementing data and metadata acquisition, storage, processing, and access. In this respect, SimTech is able to build upon a strong foundation laid out by the University of Stuttgart. Specifically, SimTech adheres the University's research data management policy which is consistent with the FAIR data principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable).

Software Concept

A software concept is mandatory for simulation science research since many research projects actively develop software, ranging from small stand-alone programs and specialized libraries to complex frameworks such as DuMux, DUNE, ESPResSo, Flexi, FS3D, or OPenCMISS. Only code developed according to appropriate software engineering principles is eligible for publication as reproducible research and can be considered an asset for SimTech and the research community. Therefore, SimTech has already installed a professorship for "Simulation Software Engineering", which takes on a key role in this quality assurance process. To meet the challenging diverse requirements of SImTech's Project Networks, a variety of software frameworks is needed. As they typically differ in terms of software quality, accessibility, and other metrics, the SimTech software concept guarantees both standardized but also customizable procedures for managing, publishing, and exchanging software. SimTech relies on open source solutions for software management and establishes standards for providing source code, documentation, tutorials, etc.

Integrating publication, code and data

Research data management is tightly integrated into the management of software developed in SimTech, with the reproducibility of scientific results being a main driver. Whenever possible, SimTech makes data relating to its results accessible to the scientific community in the form of Open Data. Simulation software developed in SimTech should be published as open source, unless prevented by other regulations. A publication in simulation science is regarded as complete only if it is accompanied by the corresponding software and data that was used in arriving at the published scientific results.