Participating and Associate Researchers

In SimTech, numerous associate researchers are involved in one or more of our projects.

All Participating and Associate Researchers

Junior Participating Researcher, Group Leader at the Institute for Computational Physics
Phone: +49 711 685-63935
Fellow (SC), Senior Participating Researcher, Academic Dean of the Institute of Thermodynamics and Thermal Process Engineering
Phone: +49 711 685-66105
Senior Participating Researcher, Director of the Institute of Statics and Dynamics in Aerospace Engineering
Phone: +49 711 685-63612
Junior Participating Researcher, Postdoctoral researcher and teaching assistant at the Research Group Numerical Mathematics
Phone: 0049 711 685-65295
Junior Participating Researcher, Max Planck & Cyber Valley Research Group Leader, Coordinator PN 4
Phone: +49 711 689-3314 (MPI)
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