Prof. Dr.

Carsten Scherer

Principal Investigator (EXC), Fellow (SC), Koordinator PN 4
Institut für Mathematische Methoden in den Ingenieurswissenschaften, Numerik und geometrische Modelllierung (IMNG)
Professur für Mathematical Systems Theory


+49 711 685-60025


Pfaffenwaldring 5a
70569 Stuttgart


  • Mathematical systems theory
  • Uncertain systems
  • Control theory
  • Optimization in control

Ausgewählte Publikationen

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  2. M. Fetzer and C. W. Scherer. “A general integral quadratic constraints theorem with applications to a class of sampled-data systems”. In: SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 54.3 (2016), pp. 1105–1125.
  3. C. W. Scherer. “Lossless H1-synthesis for 2D systems (special issue JCW)”. In: Systems & Control Letters 95 (2016), pp. 35–45.
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Wissenschaftliche und Akademische Karriere

  • 2017 Visiting Professor, Department of Control Science & Engineering, Jilin University, China
  • 2014–2016 Vice-Dean of the Faculty for Mathematics and Physics, University of Stuttgart
  • 2013 Visiting Professor, Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers University, Sweden
  • since 2010 SimTech Chair for Mathematical Systems Theory, University of Stuttgart
  • 2003 Visiting Professor, Department of Systems Science, Kyoto University, Japan
  • 2001–2010 Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor (full, tenured), Systems and Control Theory, Delft, University of Technology, NL
  • 1999 Visiting Professor, Automatic Control Laboratory, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • 1997–2001 Associate Professor, Systems and Control, Delft University of Technology, NL
  • 1993–1997 Assistant Professor, Systems and Control, Delft University of Technology, NL
  • 1992-1993 Postdoc, University of Michigan, MI, USA and Washington University, MO, USA


Ausbildung und Akademische Grade

  • 1991 Dr.rer.nat., Mathematical Institute, University of Würzburg, Predicate: Summa cum laude
    Supervisors: Prof. Dr. H.W. Knobloch (University of Wurzburg)
    Prof. dr. J.C. Willems (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
    Title of thesis: The Riccati Inequality and State-Space H1-Optimal Control
  • 1989 Visiting Scientist, Department of Mathematics, University of Groningen, NL
  • 1988–1991 Research Assistant, Mathematical Institute, University of Würzburg
  • 1982–1987 Diploma studies of Mathematics and Physics (minor), University of Würzburg, Main subject: Mathematical control theory
  • 2016 Plenary Speaker, Operator Theory and Applications, St. Louis, MO, USA
  • since 2013 IEEE fellow
  • 2011 Plenary Speaker, 18th IFAC World Congress, Milano, Italy
  • since 2009 IEEE Control Systems Society Distinguished Lecturer
  • 2003–2009 Prestigious grant within the Dutch government program “Innovational Research Incentives Scheme VIDI”
  • since 1999 Various international teaching activities by invitation
  • since 1995 Multitude of plenary and semi-plenary lectures at international conferences
  • since 1990 Several invitations to Oberwolfach conferences (Control or Optimization)
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board, CIDMA, Aveiro, Portugal (2010-2018)
  • Associate Editor and Editor at Large (since 2013) “European Journal of Control” (since 2006)
  • Chair of IFAC technical committee “Robust Control” (2002–2008)
  • Associate Editor “Automatica” (2000–2006)
  • Associate Editor “Systems & Control Letters” (1998–2008)
  • Associate Editor “IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control” (1997–1999 and 2018–)
  • International Program Committees (since 2012):
    • 20th IFAC World Congress, Toulouse, France (2017)
    • 22nd Int. Symposium on Math. Theory of Networks and Systems, Minneapolis, MN, USA (2016)
    • 1st IFAC Workshop on Linear Parameter Varying Systems, Grenoble, France (2015)
    • 7th IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design, Bratislava, Slovakia (2015)
    • Invited Session Chair, European Control Conference, Linz, Austria (2015)
    • 21st Int. Symposium on Math. Theory of Networks and Systems, Groningen, NL (2014)
    • 52nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Florence, Italy (2013)
    • European Control Conference, Zurich, Switzerland (2013)
    • 6th IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design, Aalborg, Denmark (2012)
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