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Ausgewählte Lehrveranstaltungen: Wintersemester 2011/12

Colloquium Materials Modelling

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Schmauder
Topics include:

Colloquium Materials Modelling

- Dynamic Fracture of Materials and Structures - Experimental and Numerical Studies (Prof. Josko Ozbolt, Universität Stuttgart)

- Determination of Ductile and Brittle Damage Parameters by means of Small Punch Testing (Prof. M. Kuna, TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

- Examination of Dislocationstructures near Fatigue Cracks using Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging Technique (Dr. J. Bär,Universität der Bundeswehr München)

- Interrelation between Microstructure and Physical Properties in Cu-Cr Contact Materials (Prof. M. Heilmaier, TU Darmstadt)

- DAMASK: the Düsseldorf Advanced MAterial Simulation Kit for studying Crystal Plasticity using FEM and FFT Based Numerical Solvers (Dr. F. Roters, Max-Planck Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf)

- Modelling and Simulation of the Flow Induced Fiber Orientation in Injection Molding of Reinforced Thermoplastics (H. Stoll, Robert Bosch GmbH)

- Finite Element Modelling of Cohesive Zones of Metals Loaded in Tension (Prof C. Bodur, Istanbul Technical University)

- Alternatives to the Phase Field Method: Simulation of Dendritic Growth Using Cellular and Point Automata (Prof. M. Rettenmayr, Friedrich Schiller University Jena)

- Phase Decomposition in Binary Blends (Prof. K. Weinberg, Universität Siegen)

- Discrete Element Methods in Structural Mechanics (Prof. M. Bischoff, Universität Stuttgart)

- Modeling and Characterization of Deformation Behavior and Microstructures in TWIP Steels (Prof. B. Svendsen, RWTH Aachen)

Document to the seminar: colloquium_materials_modelling_wi_se_11_12.pdf
Time and place: Weekly, Thursday, 11:00-14:00, IMWF, Pfaffenwaldring 32, 70569 Stuttgart, seminar room 404
First regular meeting: 27th October 2011
SWS: 3
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Further information: http://www.imwf.uni-stuttgart.de/aktuelles/colloquium_materials_modelling_wi_se_11_12.pdf
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