From Isolated Numerical Approaches to an Integrative Systems Science

What is SimTech?

In the 21st century's society, simulation technology has become completely indispensable, it dominates all areas of life. The cluster Simulation Technology, approved with the certificate “excellent” by the experts of the German Research Foundation (DFG), is embedded in the Stuttgart Research Centre for Simulation Technology. Together, it represents a massive platform for further developing scientific methods and techniques in all branches of modelling and simulation techniques.

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This set of five relevant application areas demonstrate the long-term scientific vision of SimTech:
  • The transfer of an empirically dominated material description towards a simulation-based design of new materials with tailored high-end properties
  • A completely virtualised development of prototypes and factories
  • The use of complex and integrative methods in environmental engineering, e. g., with respect to the handling of greenhouse gases or the global climate change
  • The combination from a systems-biologically view and the biomechanics to an integrative description of the human body, e. g., with respect to medical technology and crash testsclassical descriptive biology
  • The development of an intelligent cyber infrastructure for more efficient numerical algorithms and sophisticated data-analysis technique, e. g. with respect to high-speed networks, storage systems or sensor grids

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Projects in the focus

BDM01With the SimTech projects we want to investigate exciting, recent and scientifically relevant phenomena. Therefore, we are, inter alia, concentrating on the following problems:

How may multi-scale simulations be visualised interactively?

From Simulation Models with Uncertainties to Safety Verifications - is this possible?

How can we design novel materials with customised properties?

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