Simulation Technology

About us

The SimTech Cluster of Excellence is an interdisciplinary research association in the field of simulation technology.

Simulation Technology

Simulation technology has become indispensable in the 21st century and has pervaded all areas of life. Computer simulations are used for instance to develop new materials, make environmental technology safer, or to answer complex question in medicine or medical technology and the life sciences.

In the SimTech Cluster of Excellence, we increase the performance of computer simulations, make predictions more reliable, and visualizations even more precise. Over 200 scientists from nearly all faculties of the University of Stuttgart are working together, performing research for a common vision.

With our unique approach, the engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, natural scientists, and social sciences and humanities experts are breaking new ground in the research field of modelling of complex problems and computer simulation.

Outstanding Research

More than 1,200 publications in the last ten years and being supported twice by the German federal and state Excellence Initiative are a testament to the outstanding research performed by the Cluster. The secret to our success lies in the interlinking of scientist from a wide variety of research areas to form interdisciplinary project networks.

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An own research building was set up for the Cluster of Excellence at the university campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

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SimTech Cluster of Excellence

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