Dieses Bild zeigt  Für den Exzellenzcluster wurde auf dem Universitätscampus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen ein eigenes Forschungsgebäude errichtet. Foto: SimTech


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New ways of Simulation

Simulation Technology

Simulation technology is one of the most challenging research areas in contemporary engineering and natural sciences with a fundamental effect on all fields of human life. It offers solutions for a variety of applications with enormous economic and scientific impact. The Cluster of Excellence “Simulation Technology (SimTech)” of the University of Stuttgart has taken on this topic and can look back on more than ten successful years.

With seven research areasseven project networks, interdisciplinary collaboration and almost 70 international research projects, SimTech generated more than 1.500 publications in the last years.

SimTech stands for a new kind of science and thus has successfully broken down science-historical barriers in the form of faculties or departments and replaced them by open and cooperative networks.



SimTech Cluster of Excellence

Pfaffenwaldring 5a, 70569 Stuttgart